The world's first country to call a power machine
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Production and consumption amount Chinese presses are currently the highest in the world, in the low-end domestic machine can basically meet the requirements of technology of domestic plastic products processing, but the high-end machine every year must spend a lot of foreign exchange import.
According to statistics, in 2006 the China plastic machinery manufacturing industry import and export $2304000000, growth of 6.18% over the previous year. Among them, exports amounted to $586000000, increased 36.69%; imports $1718000000, down 1.32%. As can be seen from the China plastic machinery production and export capacity has greatly improved. But from the import and export product price, to the injection molding machine accounted for more than half of the total import and export volume of the machine as an example, imports in 2006 amounted to 14900 units, amounting to $922177000, the average price of $61891; exports amounted to 14200 units, amounting to $346150000, the average price for 24376 dollars. The unit price of imports of injection molding machine visible was significantly higher than that of the level of exports, Chinese imports most of the high-end products, while exports are mostly in the low-end product.
It is worth noting that although China plastic machinery imports are falling, but the import machine still accounts for about 45% of total share of the domestic market in 2006 (including export re imports), and some large presses still rely on imports. Such as plastic granulator unit of large domestic ethylene project has been to rely on imports, domestic only trial production of 1 sets of the largest million tons of granulator unit, while the foreign to mass produce 100000 ton granulator unit. China has to rely on the main machinery import include precision injection molding machine production carrier disc electronic communication engineering required; large multi-layer hollow molding machine of large injection molding machine, the required of the automobile industry; multilayer hollow molding machine packaging industry; precision extrusion machine for medical and health. This and China as the world's first power presses production status and formed a strong contrast.
At present, China plastic machinery production mainly concentrated in Zhejiang, Guangdong, Jiangsu and Shandong, the market share of respectively 44.73%, 25.44%, 9.86% and 9.68%, a total of more than 89.71%. In 2006, the National Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Enterprises above Designated Size (the National Bureau of statistics of state-owned enterprises and annual sales income over 5000000 yuan of non-state-owned enterprises) about 388 companies, including loss of enterprises 58. According to the sales income of the top 10 enterprises statistics, the profit and has accounted for the total profit of the whole industry 52%, indicated that the small and medium-sized enterprise profit level of the industry is very low or even losses, which reflected the whole technical level is relatively low.
In recent years, China's plastics machinery market remained stable growth. It is expected that in 2010, the national plastic machinery demand will increase to around 100000 taiwan. Among them, the injection molding machine accounted for about 35%, extrusion unit accounted for about 25%, hollow molding machine accounted for about 5%, accounting for about 35% of the other machine. In view of the whole industry is developing rapidly, many of the past production of machine tools and military products of the enterprise is also the beginning of production presses, coupled with individual and collective enterprises rapid development momentum, the domestic market increasingly fierce competition of ordinary machine. Particularly the number of Sino foreign joint ventures are not many, but at present, its total output has accounted for more than 40% domestic value of the industry as a whole, has strong competitiveness. Therefore, from the overall look, and then rely on the low-end products to seize the market, I am afraid of living space will become smaller and smaller. On the industry enterprises, the way out is to turn to the R & D and production of high-end machine.

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