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The involved products on the implementation of public places of flame retardant products logo express system, the national standard GB20286-2006 "flame retardant products and components, public places combustion performance requirements and marking" made detailed provisions, including building products, plastic products (including electrical enclosure), wire and cable, furniture components, textile, foam and other six categories, including plastic products accounted for the vast majority of. Obviously, the plastic industry plays a major responsibility of fire safety in public places.
With the economic development and improved living standards, public places used products are involved in plastic products (parts) more and more, in the construction and decoration materials, electronic audio and video equipment, lighting equipment, electrical equipment and cable products can be seen everywhere in the plastic figure. Among them, the adopted raw material variety, ABS, PP, PS, PVC, PC, PA, PU, melamine resin and polyester and so on and so forth, and the requirements of raw materials for different application fields are not the same. Such as TV front frame and the rear shell, rear projection TV circuit board bracket, the use of HIPS not only have good dimensional stability, high temperature resistance and high dielectric strength, and must meet the new international standard provisions of the flame retardant. This will give the relevant enterprises put forward higher requirements. The author from the relevant inspection institutions to know, at present the flame retardant plastics products some domestic enterprises production can not fully meet the requirements of the new national standard, some flame retardant level is not up, some is excessive smoke toxicity.
Therefore, for the plastics industry, how to adapt to the new situation of public fire safety production as soon as possible, Fu Hexin requirements of the national standard products, have a lot of work to do. First of all to do technical improvement and upgrading, reasonable material selection, formulation adjustment, development of efficient flame retardant technology and products are required course of business should be finished as soon as possible; second, the relevant enterprises should be strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the industry production and sales, according to law, in strict accordance with the quality management system, to ensure the quality of products can continue to meet the requirements, and resolutely resist the abuse of identification and undocumented production behavior.
We believe that support from the government and the whole society, along with the further deepening of fire safety science theory and research, the development of our country will public fire safety design and flame retardant plastics industry is more mature, and will play a more and more important role in fire safety management.

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