The first of nine layer coextrusion high barrier film production line, the advent of Guangdong
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Guangdong Weida Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd. the new developed the first domestic high performance, digital energy saving of nine layer coextrusion high barrier film production line width for the 3000mm, the line is equipped with Shi Cheng company self-developed with independent intellectual property rights of digital automatic control system and the intelligent remote control system, can effectively reduce the artificial the intensity of labor, can realize remote control and save the cost of labour. At the same time, the production line is also supporting the design and development of new high shear energy plasticizing screw, reduce the film processing energy consumption; development of nine layer coextrusion distribution module and multi-layer die head, can improve the extrusion precision nine layer coextrusion film and improves the film barrier properties.
Through the development and optimization of key parts, digital energy saving of nine layer coextrusion high barrier film production line manufacturing has a high degree of automation, energy consumption per unit of raw material processing, extrusion molding of high precision, low production efficiency and productivity greatly improved.
The whole production line automatic control, process energy consumption, production efficiency and production capacity has reached the international advanced level, breaking the monopoly of foreign enterprises, the multi-layer co extruded high barrier film equipment at the same time, according to customer requirements of production, by adjusting the distribution module, which can produce eleven high barrier film, it will more vigorously promote the development of Chinese high barrier plastic packaging film production enterprises, improve the overall level of Chinese high barrier film equipment manufacturing industry and its competitiveness in the international market.
Nine layer coextrusion high barrier film has high barrier properties, but also has high transparency, as high-grade packaging material to make the packaging items at a glance, regression packaging effect of nature, can gradually replace the metal film in some areas, metal foil and barrier properties of rigid container. Nine layer coextrusion high barrier film can meet the gas barrier, keeping flavor and aroma, resistant to cooking, extend the storage period and the demand for environmental protection.
Soft packaging, processing properties, physical properties of the materials considered, using EVOH and PA as the barrier layer can effectively prevent the oxygen and water vapor into the packaging bag; and can effectively block the contents of the package, juice, flavor solvent leakage, thereby effectively solving the contents (liquid, gas) of dissolved composite layer glue. The barrier layer with EVOH and PA material high barrier materials used for packaging food, beverage and is easy to be oxidized items, to extend food shelf life has far-reaching significance. At the same time the material has the advantages of easy recovery, after burning does not produce harmful gases and other advantages, is packing material known as the green environmental protection, is attention by all countries, and shows growth trend the most market potential.
In recent years, food packaging material performance requirements continuously improve, especially the packaging material meat and frozen seafood products performance and transport packaging, shelf life requirements, application field of multi-layer coextrusion high barrier film expanding. Packaging materials used in meat and seafood frozen products mainly has been dependent on a variety of film and barrier materials dry compound to meet the requirements of the food packaging, dry type composite because the material cost, raw material waste composite process and composite of the solvent residue has been unable to meet the meat and seafood frozen food packaging requirements, multi-layer co extrusion high barrier film packaging material for reducing cost and the waste of the raw material, has excellent performance for the application of food packaging safety and pollution of the environment and the gradual replacement of dry type composite barrier material. So far, the existing multi-layer co extrusion high barrier film manufacturers more than 22, the production line more than 30, the total production capacity of about 100000 tons / year or so, most still remain in the five to seven floors between. Multi layer co extrusion high barrier film annual growth rate of about 15 to 20%, far higher than the growth of the national economy. The annual increase of demand of about 1.5 to 20000 tons, about nine layer coextrusion high barrier film production line from 10 to 14, which gives high performance, intelligent energy saving of nine layer coextrusion high barrier film production line to bring new opportunities.
Guangdong Weida Plastic Machinery Co., Ltd as the world cast film equipment manufacturers of professional, the final production line successfully developed, can make the domestic high performance and intelligent energy saving of nine layer coextrusion high barrier film production line equipment to meet or exceed the international advanced level, the technical level of high domestic multi-layer co extruded film equipment, breaking the monopoly status the advanced countries in the high performance, the intelligent energy-saving multilayer co extrusion high barrier film production line; and can save energy for food packaging market and the production cost and reduce environmental pollution, and energy conservation and digital control automation will have a greater breakthrough.

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