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Diamant Corporation announced through its subsidiary - biological material film company and will position itself in the fully compostable plastic bags of goods suppliers and manufacturers to meet the real-time order. The company decided to shift the focus to the plastics industry strategy and not suitable for the traditional plastic products under the new rules based on biodegradable and compostable bags of growing demand, the company made the decision to increase the product diversification.
Innovative packaging bag Diamant film company passed the ASTM-D-6400 standards for compostable materials and. Once they are placed in the appropriate environment, the revolutionary packaging bags will be within a certain period of time (90 to 160 days) complete degradation.
All working to maximize the recovery ability and eventually eliminate the rubbish heap of government departments are in the city construction can compost project. In fact all the materials at present can be recycled, and should be dealt with separately products only biodegradable consumer products such as banana skin, can be rotten food residue and other degradable material.
The degradation of all these compost bags are taken to composting equipment area, including bags and packaging material itself and soil and peat moss will into the so-called "fertile soil" and then sold to garden workers.
The recently passed by the Losangeles City Council resolution to be launched in July 1, 2010 banned the use of plastic bags at the store. The resolution was unanimously by the council. Diamant film company is committed to meet this growing and environmentally protecting sensitive market.

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