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Spare parts

      Spare parts

Cutting Rotor:

Name Model Purpose Brand Make
Cutting Rotor TSQW200 Used to the strand cutting in underwater strand & dry strand; such as PP, PET, PBT, PA, PS, ABS and so on. CAMA
Cutting Rotor TSQW300 CAMA
Cutting Rotor TSQW600 CAMA
Cutting Rotor TSQW900 CAMA
Cutting Rotor TSQW1200 CAMA

Die plate:

Name Model Purpose Brand Make
Die plate SZT 200 To extrude the polymer inside the die head into specified strands CAMA
Die plate SZT 300 CAMA
Die plate SZT 600 CAMA
Die plate SZT 900 CAMA
Die plate SZT 1200 CAMA

Ceramics Bed knife:

Name Model Purpose Brand Make
Ceramics Bed knife TSQW200 Inside the cutting chamber, the ceramics bed knife helps cutting rotor cut polymer strand into specified pellets. CAMA
Ceramics Bed knife TSQW300 CAMA
Ceramics Bed knife TSQW600 CAMA
Ceramics Bed knife TSQW900 CAMA
Ceramics Bed knife TSQW1200 CAMA

Feed Roller:

Name Model Purpose Brand Make
Feed Roller TSQW200 At the inlet of cutter chamber, draw in polymer strand in a steady speed into cutter chamber where strands cut into specified pellets CAMA
Feed Roller TSQW300 CAMA
Feed Roller TSQW600 CAMA
Feed Roller TSQW900 CAMA
Feed Roller TSQW1200 CAMA


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