Product name:

underwater cutting system

      EUP-CAMA underwater cutting system is newly developed unit by Econ Austria and CAMA China, this system is integrated and developed with many years of econ technology experience and cost advantages of cama manufacture technology, with following advantages :

High quality

High performance

High technology

High performance cost ratio.

This system is mainly used to the pellet of POF, PS, Acrylic resin, PC, POM, PET, PU, Polymer blend, PA,  Thermo Plastics and so on.

type output
EUP-CAMA 10 1~30
EUP-CAMA 50 2~150
EUP-CAMA 150 100~450
EUP-CAMA 400 300~750
EUP-CAMA 600 500~1350
EUP-CAMA 1500 800~2500
EUP-CAMA 3000 1800~3500
EUP-CAMA 6000 3000~8000

underwater cutting system

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